Our sawmill on Highway 88 in Creston specializes in cutting our White Pine lumber.  Most of the White Pine is sold for log home materials while our sawmill on Three Top cuts all other species of logs.  We strive to produce top quality lumber. 

Logs are brought in and debarked.  We run the bark through a grinder to produce mulch which is sold locally to landscape companies as well as to retail customers.  Our chips are taken to local chip mills as well as most of our sawdust.  All of our lumber sales are within NC, TN, KY and VA. 

We purchase timber of 5 acres or more so if you're looking to sell your timber, give us a call to have someone come and assess its value.


Feel free to call (336) 385-1100 and talk to Shannon for more help or information.


Potter's Lumber :: 13033 Hwy 88 West, Creston, NC 28615 :: Ph. 336-385-1690 :: Fax 336-385-1494
email: potterlumber@skybest.com




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